Best posts of the year 2010

As 2010 comes to an end, over 460 stories were posted here in this year alone ,so ,these is the best posts of the year 2010:
1. Lady Gaga in Vanity Fair Magazine – September 2010 US 

2. Style Icon - Milan Vukmirovic (Trussardi Creative Director) - Part 2 

3. Prada Fall Winter 2010 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories 

4. Star Style - Zac Efron 

5. Givenchy Spring Summer 2011 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories 

6. Star Style - Victoria Beckham

7. Zara Man vs Balmain Homme - inspiration or imitation? 

8. Balenciaga Fall Winter 2010 Mens Bags And Shoes 

9. Window Display at Chanel 

10. Style Icon - Kanye West

                                               Thank you very much and a happy new year!!!

Hermès Spring/Summer 2011 Bags ,Shoes and Scarves

First: The SIKKIM calf leather Bolide Relax 47 is the all-round new explanation to the Bolide bags. It is a pattern of clutch with soft and light sensation and that makes it the best choice for travelling. Its design pattern is same with the original model. On this bag the Chevron canvas interior layer is matched with the Sikkim calf leather in a perfect way.
Second: The SIKKIM calf leather BARDA 35 in envelope bag pattern is concise and elegant. It shows expect to the traditional harness technique. Its design inspiration also came from the saddle leather. Under the independent bag cover there are two hidden pocket and a dividing layer. The pocket with zipper is used to hold important things. The external surface is made of the Sikkim calf leather and the interior layer is also made of prominent soft materials.

This intelligent portable iPad workstation is not just a cover. It has the superior upper edge and the soft bag cover. This function is suitable for you to use your iPad at any place.
This pair of short shoes in refreshing green color manifests the confident temperament and brought you the all-round new summer sensation. The British-style grace is matched with the velvet surface with soft touching sensation. Tidy streamline of the shoes and tidy rubber bottom make this pair of boots more delicate in details.

These lovely sandals combined the calf leather strap, saddle leather strap button and the H canvas together to manifest its rider design inspiration. The canvas shoes in the picture above are ideal choice when you want to wonder along the seashore. The solid and comfortable canvas manifest the pore boat shoes design pattern of them and the leather shoes belt is the eye-catching part of them.
First: LE Pégase D’Hermes square scarf manifest the strong swings of a mechanic horse to chant the praise of the perfect blending of the materials with spirit, pictures with letters, innovation with creation of Hermes. This design is meant to show the respect to the famous painter. Its delicate and accurate lines got the charm from the twilled real silk materials.
Second: This LALBHAI twilled silk scarf in 140cm*140cm size is a new member of the Hermes scarf family. It broke the traditional design of Hermes scarves with the summer twill model. The summer twill is the twilled silk with light, plastic and soft features. Although it is in superior big size, it is as light as the feather. At the same time this scarf showed the antique design of an Hermes scarf again.

First: This soft BAYADèRE square scarf with broad stripes BRIDES DE GALA comes from the document room made of Jercy silk. It is another new explanation to the famous original scarf. The materials are soft and plastic and made various wearing method and patterns possible.
Second: This brilliant, soft and comfortable cotton square scarf got the design inspiration from the American style shirt and adapted the Lion painting technique and the MONSIEUR &MADAME pattern. Its color, mysterious charm and broad size could help you relax in leisure situation.

First: The big size beach bath towel is the new member of the new collection. Although it is in super big size, the thickly weaved towel is light and very portable. There are two patterns of design patterns for you to choose with modern sensation: Ile d’Ouessant and Chevaux en camouflage. They are both manifested by brilliant colors with summer sensation.
Second: Woolen velvet blanket is the all round new series of the lift artwork. Its superior delicate design details could be regarded as the classic work of this brand. It adapted the framework printing and single-color painting techniques. The edge and the main body of this blanket is made wholly by hand. It adapted two most classic patterns of Hermes: the Quadrige and the Fil d’argen.

Bottega Veneta in GQ Japan February 2011

-PASSING THE TEST by Bottega Veneta-
Models: Adrian Bosch,Rob Rae & Lasse Pedersen (Photo: GQ Japan No.93 February 2011)
Photographs: Junji Hata
Fashion Editor: Masahiro Murase
Hair: HIRO TSUKUI @ Image
Make-up: Yoboon @ Coccina

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes Suede

The Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes has been unveiled in a new beige suede for Spring/Summer 2011.

David Beckham’s Best Looks For 2010

David Beckham’s makes it look easy, he understands what works for him and doesn’t refrain from doing so. Burberry shirts, designer t-shirts, and Dior Homme jeans fit smoothly into his laid back look, which he styles with an assortment of accessories – beanies, beaded bracelets, wallet chains, and even his arm sleeves.

in Maison Martin Margiela leather jacket





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Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 Mens Shoes ,Bags and Accessories

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Victoria Beckham's Best Looks for 2010

                                        These are the best looks of Victoria Beckham in 2010!


in Isabel Marant Fall 2010 striped sweater ,Abercrombie shorts and Christian Louboutin boots

in Victoria Beckham Denim jeans ,Victoria Beckham "Victoria" bag and Christian Louboutin Alti Spike pumps


Look of the day - Part 46

Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2011 Mens Bags

My favorites...

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 Mens Shoes

I love first pair.


I Love... bow ties

                      These are the bow ties from one side of the most popular brands:

Lanvin for H&M - £24,99

FOREVER21 bow ties -£8.80

ZARA bow ties - £13,99

TOPMAN bow ties - £8-10
TOPMAN bow ties - £8-10
TOPMAN bow ties - £8-10

GQ Rules 2 - Ep.23 - Rock a Bow Tie

       Origin and history

The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts. This was soon adopted (under the name cravat, derived from the French for "Croat") by the upper classes in France, then a leader in fashion, and flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries.
It is uncertain whether the cravat then evolved into the bow tie and necktie, or whether the cravat gave rise to the bow tie, which in turn led to the necktie.
The most traditional bow ties are usually of a fixed length and are made for a specific size neck. Sizes can vary between approximately 14 and 20 inches just like a comparable shirt collar. Fixed-length bow ties are preferred when worn with the most formal wing collar shirts, so as not to expose the adjusting buckle of the bow tie. Adjustable bow ties are the standard when the tie is to be worn with less formal turn-down collar shirts which obscure the neckband of the tie. "One-size-fits-all" adjustable bow ties are a later invention that help to moderate production costs.

      Stereotypes of bow tie wearers

"To its devotees the bow tie suggests iconoclasm of an Old World sort, a fusty adherence to a contrarian point of view. The bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie. Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors and by people hoping to look like the above. But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think."
—Warren St John, The New York Times

Bow ties tend to be associated with particular professions, such as architects, finance receipt collectors, attorneys, university professors, waiters and politicians. Pediatricians frequently wear bow ties: infants cannot grab them the way they could grab a four-in-hand necktie, and they do not get into places where they would be soiled or could, whether accidentally or deliberately, strangle the wearer. Clowns sometimes use an oversize bow tie for its comic effect. Classical musicians traditionally perform in white tie or black tie, both of which are bow ties.
Russell Smith, style columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail, observes that opinions of bow tie wearers are mixed. While he observed that bowties were experiencing a potential comeback among men, he also stated that "the class conscious man recoils at the idea" of pre-tied bow ties. "Left-wingers," he continues, "recoil at what they perceive to be a symbol of political conservatism." He finally observes that "followers of fashion wrinkle their noses at the anachronism," and that bow ties are "deliberate eccentricities," that "basically dull men" use to project the image of being "zany and fun." He argues that, however, the anachronism is the point, and that bow tie wearers are making a public statement that they disdain changing fashion. Such people may not be economic conservatives, he argues, but they are social conservatives. In Smith's view, the bow tie is "the embodiment of propriety," an indicator of fastidiousness and intelligence, and "an instant sign of nerdom in Hollywood movies," but "not the mark of a ladies' man" and "not exactly sexy." To this image he attributes the association of the bow tie with newspaper editors (because of their fastidiousness with words), high-school principals, and bachelor English teachers. Most men, he observes, only wear bow ties with formal dress.
In Hong Kong, a bow tie is a potential sign of one's political support for Sir Donald Tsang, who prominently wears bow ties.

text source:Wikipedia

Jil Sander Minimal Silk Neckties

These two inch wide neckties from Jil Sander feature a minimal color band near the knot tie. One thing that I love about ties of this nature are how simple additions can set off the entire look. Oki-ni has them.